Monday, 9 December 2013

Review Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Eyeliner


Hey! How are you all doing? Today I'll review about another Tony Moly product which is its Perfect Eyes Eyeliner. This is my second time buying it. And noooo, not because I was so impressed I bought it for the second time. It's because I lost it approximately three days after I bought it. Yay for my clumsiness! I was so depressed because I only got three chances to use it but last week when I was window shopping with my friend, I happened to encounter buy 2 for 1 price sale at Tony Moly! I frantically grab the eyeliner and ran straight to the cashier! Haha!

: Sophisticated 3D pearl brings brightened eye according to angle.
: It can be used like shadow as soon as drawing line and gradating instantly.
: Ultra long-lasting in spite of soft touch.
: Strong water proof


I really like the design of this product! The motif somehow resembles zebra print (which is second of my animal print favorites) and has this sophicticated color. All in all, really like the packaging.


The texture of this product makes it glides quiet easily on the lids. Using this product, I could line my eyes with ease since it doesn't feel so hard on the lids. You also could build the intensity by layering the product over and over until you reach the opaqueness you want to.

Because of the lightning, the product color might not exactly 100% the same. For this product, when I barely look at it, the color is only nearly black. But when the light is bright enough, you could see that they have this gorgeous color. With some glitter in it! Such a catch!

I'm using 07 Night Violet

The truth is, when I look up about this product at the internet, I just realised that this is a waterproof eyeliner. I am quiet surprise since the eyeliner comes off easily when I rinse it with facial face only. I noted that until the end of the day, the eyeliner stay the same though in the corner of my eyes I find it always smudge a bit. Perhaps because my lids are oily.

I nearly fogot to mention, but what draws me to the product is the glitter. This is the first time I'm using an eyeliner with glitter. I like the fact that the glitter is wearable enough to use on daily basis but it also able to glam up your look a bit without looking party ready haha. Now this liner has become a part of my daily makeup routine.

- Nice and sophisticated packaging
- Buildable color
- Suitable for daily look despite the glitter

- Smudge a little

YES! I would totally purchase this product again to try other color. But for now, I'll just stay low and let my current product run out haha!

à bientôt!

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