Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Review Mentholatum Medicated Lip Stick


Hey everyone! Today I want to share about a product I can't live without, lip-balm. Back then, I've a really severe lip conditions. Due to some unrecognized reasons, my lips swell up and the skin around my mouth is really itchy and red. And the product that save me is Mentholatum Medicated Lip Stick. I've been using this product ever since my elementary school actually, and I'm still using this until today. I have a strange need for using lip balm. After I could bought things with my own money, I will try one lip balm to another but eventually will get back to this product.

Actually, I don't know why this product is called medicated lips stick while it is actually a lip balm. Anyway, I've a lifetime stock of this product in my house. Got this straight from Japan. I have relatives in Japan, so from time to time they will send me this product. I don't really know if you could get this product in Indonesia though.

"MENTHOLATUM Mediacated Lip Stick" is a medicated lipstick that gives a fresh, invigorating sensation on use. Covers the surface of the lips, guarding it from dry, cold air, preventing chapping and dryness. Contains menthol and camphor, excellent for providing an refreshing sensation to the lips. This is a non-medicinal product.


Mentholatum Medicated Lip Stick has a fairly simple packaging. Dark green background with white fonts. The cap is pretty tight so you don't need to worry for it to open when you put inside your bag. It has a sturdy body. But I hate the fact that to pull the product out you need to roll it from the bottom. It has the tendency to stuck.

Tis lip balm has a really strong mint feeling. So if you don't really like the cool and a bit harsh feeling on your lips, this product won't suit well. But since I love the mint feeling, it is okay with me. It has a sturdy texture so it won't chapped easily. This lip balm also fragrance free.

I love love love this product. If you have a really chapped lips, this product will fix it all. Your lips will feel so smooth and cool.

- Sturdy texture
- Strong mint feeling (depends on your preference, this could be a positive or negative trait)
- Fragrance free
- Secure packaging

- Hard to find in Indonesia

Yes. I would love to recommend my life-safer product to everyone especially to those who have a dry and heavily chapped lips. This product really suit my needs and I've been using this as long as I could remember.

à bientôt!


  1. I like this lippy/lip balm and we have the same conditions for the lips.

  2. Which one is better vaseline rossy or this lip balm? My lips is very dry & darker


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