Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Review BRTC Blemish Toner


I really loves Korean skincare products! Yes, I do. I'm dying to have a fair and flawless skin just like those Korean celebrities. That's the reason why I've been trying their skincare products, hoping that one day my skin will be as radiant as them. LOL!

After a long time eyeing for BRTC brand, I've finally got a hand on its blemish toner. I've heard that this brand is really great for treating acne. And now I get a chance to try it, I feel so happy (^_^). Well you see, I got an oily acne prone skin, especially in T-zone, after several hours, my face could look like a frying pan err..

Toner is a must in my skincare routine. Toner not only remove oil and traces of dirt which my cleanser left but also freshen and make applying serum much easier. Facial toner is applied after you have cleansed the skin but before applying serum and moisturizer.

The BRTC Blemish Toner makes astringent effect by giving the refresh to the blemish and tired skin with the cooling touch. It is the purifying water that works effectively onto the troubled skin area. Containing the soothing and moisturizing ingredients, it calms the trouble skin caused by the excessive keratin.


The product comes out as a pump. It's really great because this means that BRTC has a good hygiene policy. By using a pump, the risk of spreading germs because using direct hand to take the products is reduce. This product also travel friendly because it comes with a transparent cup so the product won't spill.


BRTC Blemish Toner has a really watery texture. Unlike some of the toner I used before which has a bit of powder in it. It said the toner has a cooling effect, but I don't feel any different though. The toner has a bit smell like a chemical substance but it doesn't really bother me. It doesn't have a nice smell, rather like a medicine or tea tree, whichever works. It's hard to describe it precisely though.

After been using this product about 1 and a half months, I saw an improvement in my skin. My acne is reducing and the skin looks more even. The good part is that I found this toner doesn't dry out my skin and also it doesn't cost much, i bought it around idr.190 if i'm not mistaken. Most of the acne controlling products usually has a drying tendency. I don't suffer any breakouts. My pores still looks the same though, but it's fine because the product doesn't list pore tightening as the result.

- Reducing acne
- Skin color looks more even
- It doesn't dried out skin
- Works fine on sensitive skin
- Nice Pump applicator
- Affordable price

- No cooling effect
- Non-Attractive packaging

Yes, I would love to recommend this product. Especially to all of you who have been suffering with acne and having difficulties finding a good toner that suit your skin best. This toner is worth a try, but I wanna make things clear that I don't guarantee that the result will be the same on every skin, cause every skin isn't the same. Good luck!

à bientôt!

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