Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Review X2 Bio Color


Hey. how are you all doing? Today I am going to review another X2 product. This is another version of the Bio series, the Bio Color one. Usually I always go with black for the colour, but this time I choose the grey one. I've been using the black colour for too long people think I never change my soflens *true story.

Diameter : 14.50 mm
Water Levels : 45 %
Expiry : 6 months


The package is pretty much the same like the Bio Premium Quality one. You could check my review on it here. But the burst of colour on X2 Bio Color really gives a more youthful and energetic vibe. I kinda fell in love with the package.


Mine has a black outer circle. Then gradually fades to grey until it become black again on the inner circle. If you like the natural look, this is not really your cup of tea. But in real life, I pretty like the colour because it is not the uber-light-in-your-face kind. It gives people an understanding that you are wearing colour contacts without the need to rub it in their face (if you get what I mean ahaha).


It's pretty much the same like the latter product. I like how it doesn't make me feel like wearing contacts at all. Though a minor problem I would like to say that sometimes my right eyes feel dry when using this. Only my right eyes though which is kinda weird. But overall, this is a nice and affordable contact to use.

Yes. Go give this contacts a chance!

à bientôt!

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