Monday, 15 April 2013

Review BRTC Blemish Serum


I have reviewed about BRTC Blemish Toner in the previous post. Now I want to review the next step of my skincare routine, the serum. I usually use one line from specific skincare brand, this way the result I get from the products will have the maximum effect.

Serum is applied after toner but before moisturizer. Serum gives additional moisturizer and penetrates deep beneath the skin which most moisturizer not able to reach. Anyway, I have been using this product for 1 and a half months now. I bought this product for around idr 238.

Made from an assortment of fruit, plant, and nut extracts, the Blemish Serum is very effective for sensitive and blemished skin. Blemish Complex help relieves bacteria buildup and prevents inflammation as well as prevents acne. The Blue Science Complex eliminates oil and oxidizes to deep clean the pores, as well as provides nourishment and moisture to keep skin healthy.

BRTC Blemish Serum comes in a small 30ml packaging. Similar to the toner, BRTC Blemish Serum has a simple design with white color as the background. This serum has a pipet applicator which makes it easier to squish the right amount. The pipet also prevents product spilling.

The serum is a blue color liquid. When I used this serum for the first time, I feel the texture is a little bit too thick for my liking. It left a little bit of stickiness when applied to the face. But, the serum is absorbed quickly and spread easily.

I am really satisfied with this product. The result is really significant. After a few days, my face feels really smooth. The pore is significantly smaller and tighten. And even if there's acne popping out, it recovers quickly.

- Affordable price
- Prominent result
- Reducing acne and blemish effectively
- Pore tightening
- Nice pipet applicator

- A bit hard to find because BRTC doesn't have any official store in Indonesia

Yes. For people who has suffered acne for some quite time, this serum really works wonder. It doesn't break out my skin too, so people with sensitive skin could give this product a try. But remember, good skin couldn't be achieved with half will work.

à bientôt!


  1. BRTC is now available in Indonesia:

    1. thanks for letting us know, we sure will check that later :)


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