Thursday, 18 April 2013

Review Lancôme Génifique Youth Activator


I already know this product for a quite some time, but because it's really pricey, I haven't gotten my hand on it. Until one day, I read StellaLee's review about it. It really pricks my interest. Feeling exceptionally determine, after a long struggles, I finally get my hand on this baby! Yayness!

I used this product for about 3 months. Why it's only survived for 3 months? Well, because somehow, my mom also used this product and nearly make it her own. She used a handful of one pump every time when it only needs a really tiny amount. Actually this product could last around 5-6 months depending of the usage. I use 3-4 drops for each usage.

Lancôme Génifique Youth Activator comes with two sizes, 30 ml and 50 ml. But I choose the smaller one because of the price and I don't know if this product will work well with my skin. Bought this product for idr 1 million while the price for 50ml is around idr 1.500 million if I'm not mistaken.

Lancôme Génifique Youth Activator actually is not a real serum, it works as a booster or some people know it as pre-essence. A booster is usually used after using toner and before applying serum. It works to maximize the skin regeneration process. Skin regeneration process naturally happen once every 28 days for those who're under the age of 25, but after that skin will start to lose it's ability to regenerate. So this product will help returning your skin ability to regenerate as fast as the youth skin does. This is not a really anti-aging product, it regenerates and rejuvenate skin cells. All age and all skin type could give this product a try.

Lancôme introduces Génifique - our serum that intensely hydrates and promotes skin's natural exfoliation, a characteristic of young skin. See visibly younger skin in just 7 days. Skin looks as if lit from within – breathtaking radiant. Skin feels cushiony soft and velvety to the touch. Its tone becomes astonishingly even, its texture dramatically refined.

It has a simple design but because of the metallic effect, this product looks exquisite. I really love the gradient color from black to transparent white. It also comes of with pipet applicator for easier usage.

This product has little to no smell. But after I read the ingredients it still contains perfume in it. So, for those who're allergic to perfume you better watch out, but so far this product doesn't give any harm to my sensitive skin. It has thick texture but light enough to be classified as watery. It has a silver color with a faint sparkling effect. But if already applied on the face, it has a sheer and luminous finished.

After first application, I can directly feel really supple, moisturize, smooth, and maybe less oily for some people, but I don't really feel it though. After using it routinely, I feel my skin tone become more even and smoother. It doesn't gives me any breakout. So I could recommend it for people with sensitive skin. Oh, and using this product before applying makeup make the make-up last longer and better. Lancôme promised the skin will be visibly younger skin in just 7 days. And yes, ladies and gentleman, it's not a lie. The skin dramatically refined and feel so velvety when touch.

- Moisturize the skin and make it really smooth and supple
- Help reduce the skin damage because of pollution
- Reducing acne scar a bit
- Make the skin tone more even
- Has a light texture and no fragrance
- The pipet applicator makes it easier to use

- Really expensive

Yes. Even though the price is really expensive but I will recommended it. The price really worth the result. Lancôme is not only bluffing with all the promises. This product is really a miracle. But maybe the anti-aging is not really much of use for me because I don't have any wrinkle yet.

This product works best with Lancome Visionnaire Advance Skin Corrector which will be review on the next post.

à bientôt!

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