Monday, 26 May 2014

Review Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette


Hey how are you all doing? Remember all the rave about Naked 3 palette? Well, I got myself one and it's time to review it!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Review Kracie Hadabisei Clearing Facial Cream


Hello everyone! We're finally back here to blog again after 3 months :) First we are truly sorry that we can't fulfill our duty as a blogger :( as we were having our final exam on the 4th semester of our college life and it's fucking hectic. Please excuse my choice of word XD We deeply apologise for the sudden hiatus haha. It was really tiring during the process of doing the project as we got to made Waterbom Jakarta's visual promotion. But to cut long story short we did it! After doing it like crazy and no time to sleep… I feel like a walking dead seriously! I feel like my back was going to crack from hours of sitting in front of laptop doing deadly work nonstop! We decided to take some time off to relieve ourself from the stress. Long story short, the blog is kinda abandon. But not to worry, fellow reader! We're back in the full force! Ahahaha.

Psst, If you wanna see the result of what we did for Waterbom Jakarta please just check our Instagram on the right corner :)

Enough with the blabbering, let's get into the review…

Actually I have bought this product long time ago and even have already changed into the second jar of this product. This product is a moisturiser from Japanese brand Kracie, maybe some of you have known or being familiar with this brand as you can find it at some drugstore. 

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