Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bonjour and Allô!

bonjour tout le monde! Allô!

This morning, we conclude there are at least three most horrible things in life:
1) getting buried in frustrating and utterly depressing deadlines,
2) slow internet connection, and...
3) neglected skin condition.

We believe that skin is the biggest living organ that our body has. The condition of our skin reflects the general health state of the body. It is really confounding why people would ignore their skin condition as it is the one who helps us to protect the body from harmful external environment materials, regulates the body temperature, prevents water evaporation from our body, and the list go on. Rewarding all these hardwork is just a logical thing to do.

Skin care is more than just simply buying expensive and money-sucking products. Taking care of the skin means giving this largest organ what it needs. And this is the purpose of this blog.

Finding the right product which meet our skin needs is not the easiest thing to do. That's why we intend to help by giving our review, so that people will consider if the product will suit their skin needs. We really understand the excited feeling when buying a new skin care product which we thought will be the one, but turns out it was nothing but a waste and store it in the corner of cabinet, feeling betrayed and disappointed. 

So there, we are here to help you minimizing buying a wrong product. Because remember, even the most expensive, money-sucking, wallet-destroyer skin care products might won't compromise what your skin needs.

À bientôt.

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