Sunday, 28 April 2013

Review Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner

I am a big fan of eyeliner. I've a relatively small and dull looking eyes, but by using eyeliner, I could add some drama to my eyes. I prefer to use eyeliner than mascara for some unknown reason. In my opinion, solely using eyeliner is already enough to open up the eyes.

Today review will be about Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner. I bought this product for idr 70 at the drugstore which is really affordable.
ColorStay Liquid Liner

Elegant, sexy and sophisticated, Revlon® Colorstay™ Liquid Liner allows you to emphasize your eyes with precision. Dries quickly and lasts all day.


Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner has a simple packaging design. I've mine in jet black. It has a small felt applicator, a bit too thick for my liking but easy enough to control. Not really suitable to line lower lash line though. I couldn't make a really thin line with this eyeliner but it doesn't bother me since I like my eyes to have more drama.


Liquid eyeliner is indeed a liquid. But not to worry, I found this product dries really fast. What impressed me is the fact that this liquid liner comes out really pigmented. I choose jet black and it is indeed a really jet black.


I used this product on daily basis and somewhat satisfied enough. It does last all day but in my case I find that the liner always smudge a bit so I have to reapplied the smudged area. I've a bit oily eyelids so, well... Sometimes I feel a my eyelids become a bit stiff when this product dries. Though the stiffness doesn't last long. But, until the end of the day, aside from some smudge in my case, this liquid liner really stay really dark and black.

- Easy to use felt applicator
- Very pigmented
- Dries quickly
- Affordable

- Smudge a little bit
- Hard to draw a really thin line
- Not suitable for lining lower lash line

Yes. I do recommended this liquid liner especially to people who like their eyeliner really pigmented. The application is fairly easy because of the short brush. I don't think it's easy enough for first time user. Not really work with people who like to keep their eyeliner thing though, but perfect for winged liner.

à bientôt!

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