Friday, 3 May 2013

Review Kosé Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Rose Enrich Lip Essence


I am a sucker for pink and cute packaging, especially if it's from Japan. And perhaps, that's the main reason why I bought this cutie Kosé Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Rose Enrich Lip Essence. Kosé launched this Happy Bath Day Precious Rose which (obviously) consists of bath products. It comes with cleansing oil, hand cream, body gel, powder spray, and so on. But what attracts me is its cute, pink, and girly packaging.
Rose Enrich Lip Essence
Nourishing and hydrating essence gives lips a glossy luster while smoothing out roughness and treating dryness, for irresistibly softer and smoother lips. Luscious rose scent lingers on your lips, effectively calming and soothing senses with every swipe. High gloss formula delivers intense moisturization that plumps up lips and reduces lines. For best results, swipe lip essence on clean lips as often as needed.

It has a quite soft pink with roses packaging. It holds around 8 gr, small enough to easily bring out with. It comes with a small tube which is great because it is hygienic enough to use rather than if it comes in a jar.

Unlike the traditional stick lip balm  lip essence usually has a clear gel texture, and so does this product. At first I kinda feel disappointed with  the sticky feeling right after I squished out the product out of its tube. But when I smeared it all over my lips, actually it is not feeling sticky at all, I even feel it moisture my lips well. Although I feel kinda upset about its smell. When I read about Rose Enrich, I immediately thought about rose fragrance, thus I kinda excited. Instead, it has a weird smell, people said it smells like honey. But I feel it has a chemical smell to it. The smell in not strong enough to bother me though.

This product indeed does it job to moisture my lips. It helps my dry lips and prevent it to chapped again. My lips feel so smooth and I like the fact that it doesn't feel sticky at all. It has a clear finish, so it could be used as a lipstick base.

- Cute and girly packaging
- Hygienic tube
- Non-sticky gel
- Moisture and hydrate really well

- Hard to find in Indonesia
- Smell like chemical (most people said it smells like honey though)

Yes. It will be nice to try this product. It really does it job to moisture the lips. But I bought this product when I was in Japan, I don't really know if you could find it in Indonesia. You can try to buy it online though. Anyway, it's just feels nice to switch for a while from the traditional lip-balm stick which I usually use.

à bientôt!

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