Thursday, 30 May 2013

Review The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask


Hey! How are you all doing? I'm currently enjoying a little bit of holiday I have before going back to college. But after all those crazy chasing deadlines moment, I feel I should reward myself by being a bit lazier from time to time.

Today, I want to review about The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask. Tea Tree is a really great ingredients which has a lot of benefits for especially acne prone skin. Tea tree able to reduce the acne and recommended for people who has oil problem. To be honest, I have a normal to (sometimes) oily skin. No acne prone, no sensitive skin, no excessive oily face. I bought this Tea Tree Face Mask in a spur of moment. But I do really like the cooling sensation I got after using Tea Tree product. Bought this at idr 159.

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This instantly cooling face mask cleanses, soothes and refreshes the skin. Helps remove impurities, absorbs excess oil, and soothes skin.


It comes in a jar and contains 100 ml. I love the fact that the jar is sturdy so I won't have to worry about the product spilling out. Though I don't really like anything that comes in a jar (because of hygiene issues) but I like this product so much. The green color its used make it feels really natural and organic. Somehow I feel peaceful (I know this don't make sense but just bear with me :p)


This product has somewhat clay and thick consistency to it. It has a muddy green color. But what I should warn you before hand is, this product has a really strong smell of tea tree oil. Despite the fact that this mean it contains a lot of tea tree oil, people who dislike strong fragrance might want to stay clear from this product. But me on the other hand, really like the fragrance. Oh another thing I should warn you is this product takes forever to rinse off. Okay, I might exaggerate a little bit too much, but the fact that it takes effort to rinse the product on doesn't change. I like to rub it off by using facial towel which dip into a luke-warm water.

I really love the cooling effect I got whenever I rinse the product off. I feel my face is really clean. I actually don't have acne problem so I couldn't really said it cures any acne but this product is definitely really worth to try! People with sensitive skin might want to leave this product not more than 10 minutes since tea tree might be a little too harsh for sensitive skin. It stings a little bit especially at the place where you put a lot of products or where the pores are a bit larger. But I don't really hate the stinging sensation.

- Sturdy packaging
- A little goes a long way
- Cool sensation after rinsing off
- Good for acne-prone skin

- Strong smell of tea tree oil
- Hard to rinse off

Why yes of course! This is a product which I currently in love with. Not only the cooling effect which I really in love with, but also the clean feeling afterwards. It was advised to use it weekly though. As I always say, the product which suit me might not compatible for your skin because every human has different needs. I only share what my opinion about this product, but not claiming it as the best for everyone.

That's it for today. See you at the next post.

à bientôt!

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