Friday, 17 May 2013

Tony Moly Expert Hyaluronic Acid BB Cream SPF37 PA+++


I haven't finished my Canmake BB Creambut for some reason I want to try this Tony Moly Expert Hyaluronic Acid BB Cream. Because I'm a bit curious about the Hyaluronic Acid (anyway, the other reason because, again, it's because Albert's evil persuasion. huh.).

This BB Cream contains 50 ml and I bought it for idr 269. It has SPF37 PA+++ which is a great bonus because you must always protect your skin from the evil sun ray.

Expert Hyaluronic Acid BB Cream is a Triple Function (Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle + UV Ray Protection) Cosmetic BB Cream that provides strong moisturizing effects to the skin as its active ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid and deep ocean water increase moisture and firmness in skin by revitalizing skin cells, while its other active ingredient of birch sap, which functions as an NMF (natural moisturizing factor), balances moisture in the skin.

This product has somehow a modern and sleek packaging design. I love how it used silver and metallic as based color, it gives off the feeling of professional and modern life-style. It has a pump as applicator which is great because you could measure how much you wanted to use.

This BB Cream has a sheer and dewy finished, which a bit disappoint me. I don't like the dewy look, I prefer a matte finished, but I guess it just good to switch one in a while. I use 3 pumps to finally reach the opaqueness I desire. Anyway, the BB Cream spreads easily so it's a plus.

Like I said before, this BB Cream has a dewy look finish. It also doesn't has any oil control because my face feels oilier (is that even the correct word?) than when I use my usual BB Cream. But having a dewy look does make your face look healthier because it glows. It doesn't last really long but will last longer if you used primer and set it with loose powder.

- Has a modern design
- Has a pump as applicator
- Contains SPF37 PA+++
- Easy to spread

- Has a dewy finish (it depends on your personal taste, but I prefer a matte look, so yeah...)
- Has a sheer and medium coverage
- Only comes in one shade
- Doesn't has oil control

I'm not really sure, but this product is really big and with the price like that is kinda worth it. It has a dewy finish (I don't know how many times I've repeated this words) which gives you a healthy glow. It always nice to try a new product one in a while.

à bientôt!

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