Sunday, 26 May 2013

Review Tony Moly Kiss Tint Marker 02 Kiss Red


I grab this product frantically because I got birthday discount hehe. But aside from that, this marker thing is really intriguing and prick my interest to try it. Anyway I also bought this product because of the evil persuasion from Albert and my friends. Mehh. Haha. Bought this product at idr 179. I've been wanting to try a really vivid red for some time now.

No Dripping! No Spilling! Ease Application! Stays on for 8 hours! Waterproof! Long lasting color stays on for 8 hours. It can be used on lips or cheeks. Apply small amount to create natural lip color. Apply extra layers to create sexy lip color. You can apply lip gloss over it and make your lips look shinier. There revolutionary Marker type lip tints are easy to use.

How to Use
Apply the tip of tint to lips naturally. More effective on non-oily and dry lips for natural tint color. Remove lip gloss or lip balm on the top of lips before you use it. Please keep the tap facing down. Even when contents are not coming down toward tip

Tony Moly Kiss Tint Marker has a design color accordingly to their real color. I bought in Kiss Red color because I've been wanting a red color lipstick for some time already. Overall, this product has a really flirty design. It somehow makes me want to dress up all of sudden. The marker shape makes it a lot more easier to shape the lips and reach mouth's corner.

When first opened it, I smell a strong combination smells of cherry and whiteboard marker. It bothers me a bit. Anyway, this Kiss Tint Marker comes put in a bright vivid color which really please me. I hard a bit of hard time for the first application because I've no idea how many strokes I need to use. It doesn't spread so make sure you apply it evenly.

I love love love the color on my lips. It might not be everyone choice of color, but readers who are currently searching for a bright color lip, this might be your product. It stays opaque longer than most lipstick I used, but it eventually rubs off when you consume liquid often. It was advice that you can't use lip balm before or after application or else you won't achieved the matte lip tint looked. Being a lip balm addict, I found this instruction really disappointing. But worry not, my fellow readers! Hours of using this product and I still haven't feel the urge to apply lip balm! This is a miracle!

This selca is actually not necessary, but well, I haven't put any of my picture here, so...  ƪ(`▽´

- Really nice packaging design
- Easy to shape the lips and reach mouth corner
- Bright and vivid red color
- The color stays opaque for a long time
- Has a matte finished
- Not drying

- Strong smells of whiteboard marker
- Hard to apply for beginner
- Doesn't spread so must apply evenly
- A bit pricey

I'm not really sure if I would recommend it. I dislike the strong smell. But on the other hand, I really like the fact that Kiss Tint Marker color stay much much longer than any other lip color product I've ever used. I also like the marker applicator, it defines my lips really well. Overall I guess it just nice to experiment and try product like this.

à bientôt!

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