Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Review Revlon Eyebrow Pencil


Hey how are you all doing? I've a pretty thin and sad eyebrow. Usually I just let it the way they are. I always know that eyebrow plays a really big role in your overall make-up. But well, I kinda couldn't draw them ahahha. Well things must be change. So I purchase the product (for photoshoot purpose actually). After using it several time, I guess this is finally time for reviewing it!

Somehow I couldn't find the product online, and the package doesn't has any description. So, uhh, yeah...


It has this solid black color package with red line on the bottom side. Inside tho box, we could also find that the sharpener also included which is wicked. The eyebrow pencil itself also has a spool on the opposite side which is great.


one stroke, twice, and three times

When I try them on my hand, somehow it feels like the product dragging my skin. Yeah the same goes when I do my brow too.

Mine is in black, if you have colored hair, better try to match them. I find the product somewhat okay since I haven't had any eyebrow pencil back then.

- Complete package ahaha
- Nice color

- Drag on the skin

I'm not really sure. But I'm going to try another product once I finished with this one hehe.

à bientôt!

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