Friday, 20 December 2013

Keeping Up with: My Lovely Sister

Bonjour tout le monde!

Today, we will introduce you to Indonesian beauty blogger, Ai Ni and Eve from My Lovely Sister. They have a really nice and full of information blog. They post a really detail review of products. Not only that, they even shares their technique to take their beautiful photos which is really great!

So without further ado, here's Ai Ni and Eve from My Lovely Sister!


1. Tell us about yourself.
We are sisters who love to enjoy our everyday life and love to share it with other people :D

2. How did you get started on blogging and why?
We started blogging just for fun and wants to inspire our Indonesian reader to love themselves and enjoy their life. We believe a good blogger will inspire others and make differences in other people life.

3. What is your blog about?
100% About us. From beauty, fashion, food, Jesus, personal story, and lifestyle!

4. Who is your beauty inspiration?
Mom! Our Mom always supports and inspires us in whatever we do. She's a very ordinary women with an extraordinary beautiful heart XD. And that beautiful heart is the one that always inspires us. We believe beauty always from inside :)

5. What was your first beauty product obsession?
Our mom's lipstick :P. She was so angry that we played around with her expensive lipstick and make it  broken when we were children.

6. Aside from blogging, what are you currently busy and working at?
We currently have an online shop at :)

7.  Have you ever got harsh comment and how do you deal with it?
Yes. Sometimes. We have a super busy life LOL and currently don't have time to be bothered by negative and harsh comments. Never let negative comments and judgments waste your time.
Just let it go. Move on :D

8. Describe yourself in one word. 
Ai Ni : Playful
Eve : Bubbly

Thank you for sharing with us. We hope both of you will still share your kindness through the blog.

à bientôt!


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