Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Review SK-II Celumination Essence EX

Today we are gonna review about the famous cellumination essence from SK-II which claims to give you crystal clear looking skin, so let's check it out !

The new SK-II Cellumination essence EX takes a great formula and makes it better with the new pixel whitewhitening ingredient. Improve your skin from the cellular level and experienced  highly defined, aura bright skin in just 4 weeks*

The packaging is great because it made of glass and it gives a glowing radiant vibes. The glowing vibes actually not from the packaging, the bottle itself has a transparent with a little bit of glowing effect. All the glowing business is done by the product which has a glowing white color. It has a pipe applicator which make it easier to use the essence. 1 full or 3/4 pump is enough for the whole face.

It has a lotion texture. It has a thicker consistency than the usual serum but easily absorb by the skin. After usage, the skin feels really soft and supple.

For the result you can see it in the facial treatment essence review.

After using it for more than 28 days, the skin feels really great. It feels really supple and smooth. i notice the dark spots is fading though not gone completely. This serum is the most expensive serum compare to the other SK-II products. It has all in one formula. SK-II claimed that this product can fade dark spots, bring back the firmness, suppleness, and smoothness of the skin. 

- it solves skin problems especially for people in the middle age
- all in one formula
- nice packaging

- expensive (but it's kinda worth it)

Yes. I really love the result on the skin. The result really show though not extremely significant. But that's okay because every good things in life need to go through a process. The thing we gain easily and without effort might gone easily too.

à bientôt!

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