Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Review Moor's Covered Stick Foundation


Hey how are you all doing? Today I'm going to review about Moor's Covered Stick Foundation. Moor's is make-up line by Mustika Ratu, an Indonesian makeup brand. I don't know if you could find the product outside the country.

This is actually a foundation, but I purposely buy the darker shades because I use the product as contour to define my face. Yeah, the full-blown conturing ahahaha. I've pretty fair skin color, by using darker foundation, you could make the contouring effect much more hardcore :p

Creamy stick foundation will cover black spot and uneven skin tone.
Result with a natural radiant glow will be yours.


The product has this all solid black color as the base, They use silver color for the brand name which accentuated it. The foundation comes with a roll (how do I describe it) package (like a lipstick I guess). Which is a new thing for me. I love it because it really make my life easier since I use the product for contouring. But when you use it as a regular foundation, use a sponge or foundation brush for even application.


The product claimed to be creamy which is I totally agree. It was really easy to blend the product.


I gotta say, my friend, this product is the bomb (for contouring purpose actually). When I use it (again, for contouring) it really makes the process easier since it shows well. It also hides blemishes and uneven skin tone.

Duh, again, my camera didn't do the product justice. Perhaps it's finally time to buy a new one? Ahahaha. It looks really subtle here. But actually it has a pretty great impact in the real life. Perhaps because the lightning it doesn't show up well in this photo.

- Affordable
- Easy to use and apply
- Blendable

- Hard to find outside the country

Actually this post is pretty unfair for the product since I used it for contouring purpose. As for foundation, in my opinion perhaps this will make a great one. So if you wanna try, go ahead. This is a nice product after all.

à bientôt!

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