Sunday, 1 September 2013

Review SK-II Facial Treatment Essence


I've bought this product for some time already but decided to review now because I want to see the real result. Because there's not such thing as an instant miracle, right? Anyway, my mom is the one who used this product. So, I'll review the product based on her skin condition.

Today review is about Facial Treatment Essence which people called magic water. I persuade my mom to buy it. She finally gave in and bought the trial kit for idr 576 which contain FTE 75ml, a small bottle of toner, and two pieces of sheet masks. After 28 days, the result shows a significant changes. My Mom feels her skin isn't dull looking anymore. Because she feels the result, my Mom finally bought the bigger bottle which contain 250ml for idr around 1,3 million. I persuade her to buy the serum and moisturizer too. After she consult to the sales assistant, she finally bought two products which suit her skin condition best.

Let's start with the facial treatment essence review first.


There are two type bottle's design, first is the Rochas limited edition for Christmas which design I really like and the other one which more common made from plastic. The Rochas edition was made from glass and really sturdy. It has a gradient of red and black at its side. The bottle also has floral ornament which make it feels really elegant. The newest edition one is not as good in my opinion because it made from transparent plastic. It has a dove finishes.

To pour the product we need to shake the bottle because it only has a tiny hole opening. I don't really like this because it harder to pour the product out. I prefer the pump applicator because it is much easier and more hygienic


Because it is water based, the texture is really runny like usual water. It doesn't have any fragrance because it doesn't contain any perfume. But it does has an undescribeable smell which is not strong enough to bother me. So I guess it's okay.

When apply to skin, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence feels like a toner. That's for the first usage. After 28 days or more of using it the skin feels more supple and brighter. The thing with this product is that it brighten the skin from inside so the skin is glowing healthily not only brighten up the skin. It brings back the firmness and rejuvenate it.

Let's check how it works !
Here's my mom in the beginning of using the FTE along with the Cellumination essence serum. we couldn't see the changes yet.
And tadaa !! this is after about a month usage of FTE, cellumination essence, and stempower moisturizer. You can obviously tell that there's a slight difference in her skin, like the skin colour is brighten up naturally from yellowish tone turning into fair white, also dark spot and hyperpigmentation that we saw before was reducing.

- Brighten the skin from inside
- Make the skin feels fresh
- Help reduce acne scars (for some people)

- Expensive
- Inconvenient applicator

Yes. For people who look the solution for brighten the skin, this product is worth a try. If you are afraid to buy it because of its high price, you could try the trial kit first like my Mom did. Because to find the right product is not easy, trial and error is the best process. It might takes a quite high amount of money, but it's worth it. Because no great skin can be achieved instantly.

à bientôt!

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