Monday, 12 August 2013

Review Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm


Sorry before for the very very late post ! :( We have gone through a terrible week for the final exam last May and we just need some time off. It turns out we kinda abandon this blog for a while.. But worry not our fellow reader! Now we're back again! So brace yourself! Get ready for a plenty of posts!!

I've told you before that I've a strange addiction to lip balm. I've to apply lip balm for every half an hour or it will swells and hurts me (rarely chapped however). So one day when I was going for a night-out, I forgot to bring my lip balm (this has happens for several times already, fyi). And in the midst of panic and desperation, I grabbed Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm at the drugstore. I bought it for only idr 18. It is so affordable and easy to find. If you live in Indonesia, you could find this lip balm in supermarket like Hypermart and Carrefour, or drugstore like Century and Watsons.

Back then, one of my close friend recommended this lip balm to me. She said that she loves this product and I should try it too. In the midst of desperation I remember what she said to me, so I choose Baby Lips.

Turns out that I love love love this lip balm so much, I decided to try all three of them. Hahaha. A first I'm a bit confused because the US version and Indonesia version are different. In Indonesia, this product only has 3 flavor and not tinted.

No more basic lip balm. Lips feels so soft and moist for up to 8 hours. After usage, the fine lines appear reduced, the lips feeling soft and supple. Prove it!


Maybelline Baby Lips come with a shocking color with bold and large font. I find the design is really attractive. It really draws my eyes to them. Love it! Anyway aside from the really cute design, this product has a usual traditional stick lip balm packaging.


Energizing Orange has an orange fragrance when applied, Smoothing Cherry has a somewhat peach fragrance, and Anti-Oxidant Berry has, obviously, berry fragrance. I personally love Smoothing Cherry the best then Energizing Orange. But it just my personal taste. The fragrance is a bit strong after applied but it fades away quickly. The texture is not sticky.

I love love love this lip balm. Not only it has a nice fragrance but also a really attractive design. It moisture my lips well. But I'm not sure about the promise moist up to 8 hours. It only stays around half an hour in my lips. But then again, I have a strange addiction to apply lip balm every half an hour so it will be better if you try it by yourself.

- Have three choices of taste
- Attractive and eye-catching design
- Nice fragrance (this depends in your personal taste wether you like your lip balm to have fragrance or not)
- Really affordable
- easy to find in Supermarket and most drugstores

- So far, none.

Yes! Yes! Yes!! I totally recommend this lip balm for all the readers, especially those who like a nice fragrance on their products. It moisturizes the lips really well and not sticky at all. But, again, this is my personal opinion. Not every people will suit what I think is best for me. This is only my recommendation based on my personal experience.

à bientôt!

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