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Friday Night Out: Moulin Rouge Look

bonjour tout le monde! Allô! 

Hey, how are you all doing? We are back with more "Friday Night Out" makeover series. Today we are going to show you about Moulin Rouge look. Anybody familiar with that term? 

Moulin Rouge, in fact, is actually a cabaret in Paris, France. That's mean we are focusing today makeover around the cabaret performance look. They have this somewhat enchanting and glamorous feeling around them. Their extravagant clothes and appalling makeup make us want to recreate them in a more earthy manner. Hehe. 

Here's some picture to warp your head the idea of Moulin Rouge.

Moulin Rouge Photoshoot - moulin-rouge Photo Moulin Rouge  - moulin-rouge Photo
Moulin Rouge  - moulin-rouge Photo
Images are taken from here, here, and here

So without further ado, here's our recreation of the Moulin Rouge look!


Create your Moulin Rouge look!

Start with a bare and clean face. We are going to create the eyes makeup first. This way, when you have some mistake, you won't need to erase and reapply the foundation. Applying eyes makeup in the first place makes the whole process much easier. For the base makeup, we use a metallic nude color. This will enhance and giving metallic effect on another color we are going to apply. Oh, don't forget to use primer to make your hard work long lasting. In this tutorial we are using a lip balm to replace the primer cause we don't have one. Lip balm will also work if you don't have any primer, it'll make the eye feel little bit oily so then the powder of eyeshadow will easily stick on it.


Start applying the outer part of the lids with golden yellow. Basically this yellow color doesn't show any metallic effect, that's why we are using metallic base so it will make the whole look shine. Moulin Rouge looks usually has a simple eye makeup, but we tweak the look a little bit so people could focus on the face, not the clothes. After applying the gold eye shadow, proceed to line your crease with brown eye shadow. This will give more depth to the eyes and tone down the glam gold effect for more wearable look.

After you have achieved the desire shape and color intensity, proceed to line your eyes. We used liquid eyeliner because liquid eyeliner stays for a long time and looks really vivid. You could also use gel eyeliner but stay out of pencil eyeliner. You want your eyes to pop.

To intensify the dramatic looks, tightline your lower lashes. Tightlining means to line not only your lashes (like the eyeliner) but to line your water line. We might publish a special post about tightlining in the future, so stay tune :D

Anyway, you already know the deal, curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara. Our model here already has a pretty long lashes, but if your lashes need some help, fake lashes always there for you :p And draw your eyebrow. Eyebrow plays a big deal to change your whole face. We draw a thick and straight eyebrow to tone down the matureness. The straighter and thicker your eyebrow, the younger you'll look.

After all the business with eye make up done, now we could move on to the face. What does makeup couldn't do? Oh, the majestic magic makeup! Cover up all your imperfection with foundation/ favorite BB Cream. Get rid of dark circle and any redness with concealer. Oh don't forget to contour your face so it more defines.

And, it done! TA-DAA!

Dress up yourself in pretty clothes. To achieve the Moulin Rouge feeling, we advise you to wear glamorous outfit but not too much detail. Dresses like cheongsam (China's traditional dress) with a twist on the down side is perfect. Don't afraid to play with motif, but keep in mind to coordinate the color carefully.

Oh, nearly forget, complete your look with red color lipstick. You could never go wrong with red! Now enjoy your fabulous night. This look is perfect for special occasion or costume party or even going to the mall! (That's it if you live in the anime world though :p). Moulin Rouge gives you the mature yet sexy vibes. So whenever you feel a little bit sassy, pull up this look and you are ready to go!

And that's it! How does our model look? Isn't she fa-bu-lo-us? Haha. Stay tune for the next makeover. And you'll see us in the next post.
and here's the bts lol !

à bientôt!

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