Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Review The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream


Hey, how are you all doing? Today I'm going to review a cleansing cream from korean brand, The Face Shop. I got this a long time ago but just get enough time to review about it now.

Cleansing cream is a product which contain little or no soap or detergent. Cleansing cream is usually have an oily base which meant to be applied, then removed with wiping rather than rinsing. It's no use to rinse cleansing cream since oil and water never meant to be together haha.

A cleansing cream that contains granule ingredients and green tea extracts is effective in skin cleansing, with mild touch feel.

It has thins nice and sturdy jar. The Herb Day Cleansing Cream also has a lid which protect the product from spilling and contaminated. The soft light green color gives a vibes of fresh and natural feeling. The overall packaging is great, I just hate the fact that I've to dip my finger in and spread all the bacteria.

It has this really runny texture. As I already said before, cleansing cream has an oily base, when I massage my face with this several times, I find a white (I don't know what it is- scrub like texture?) all over my face. I'm guessing it was my makeup base haha.

The Herb Day Cleansing Cream line claimed to make the skin feel fresh and healthy. I do feel a little bit moisturised after using but not necesarilly fresh. It is really oily and I must use additional cleansing foam or face wash to really clean off the face. It is a mild cleansing cream so you might don't want to use it alone.

- Doesn't irrtated the skin
- Has a faint nice scent

- Mild cleansing effect

I'm not really a fan of cleansing cream. But this product is worth a try for the fact that this doesn't irritated the skin and has a quiet great cleansing effect.

à bientôt!

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