Saturday, 19 October 2013

H&M VIP Night Party


It's a bit late but I want to share about the H&M VIP Night Party which I attended on last Thursday. I got the invitation from my friend's aunt who knew the PR for the event. This is the first time I ever attended such event which explain why I feel so excited. Furthermore, I feel really happy due to the fact that this is the first ever H&M store which open in Indonesia, and I could get my hand into it earlier than most people.

Truth to be told, it's quiet a challenge to attend the event given the fact of overloads tasks and projects. Anyway I also have class until late evening that day thus I can't go back home to take a bath and prep my self and such. So in the end, what did I do? I crashed at my friend's kondominium, take a bath there and getting ready. Haha. It's kinda awful since I need to catch up with time.

To cut long story short, I *finally* arrived at Gandaria City, the mall in which H&M party were held. It was freaking packed! It took me about a full solid hour queuing to pay what I bought. But other than that, everything is just absolutely great. We got compliment food and drinks and also 20% discount too.
it's very crowded with a bunch of people waiting for the store to be officially opened, you can also see that there's a Fashion TV crew to report the event !

and this is the famous Ismaya Catering Service ! So tasty I could dieeee !

I also saw a lot celebrity such as Afgan, Maudy Ayunda, Nabilla Syakieb, Pevita and Keenan Pearce, Raisa, Al Ghazali, Indra Bekti and his wife, Irfan Hakim, Mike Lewis, and many more... I also saw some famous fashion blogger which I actually didn't know their names but can tell that they are bloggers from their look haha..
PIC of H&M all over the world gathered

Indra Bekti

Pevita Pearce
I'm deeply sorry that i was unable to snap another celebrity shot since i have to do my shopping business and that day everyone was like infected with shopping virus..

Here's the inside of the strore look !

 pardon my shitty face here..

That's all about the VIP night event and sorry for the late post.. Oh, we also got a chance to take a photo at the wall with H&M print all over it. Kinda like a grammy awards or similiar VIP events hehe. I nearly forgot to mention, but we also got complimentary food from Ismaya Catering, which was absolutely taste great. But I only manage to snap one picture of it since I was starving hahaha.

à bientôt!

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