Sunday, 21 July 2013

Review X2 Piccolo Baby Eyes


How are you all doing? It's quite unusual, but today I'm going to review about X2 Piccolo Baby Eyes. I've a bad eye-sight problem and actually don't really like using glasses so much. So most of the time I'm half-blind haha. Anyway, I've been using this on daily basis.

Diameter : 14.50 mm
Water Levels : 42 %
Expiry : 6 months

 Front Side

 Back Side

The design for this product is uber cute! It has this soft green background with a drawing of a witch-like-little-girl. I fell in love with the design. But other than that, the package which contain the lenses is just a common one.


I got mine in black color. When you look closely, there's a subtle changes from the outer side. In my eyes though, you couldn't see any motif on it. Perhaps because I've a dark eyes, people who has lighter eye color might could see the motif.


When I first use this lenses, my eyes hurt and teary like crazy. It's kinda unbearable and I'm also kinda shock by the size. The last time I used 14,5 mm contact lenses was like years ago. So I think my eyes need some adjustment. I decided to leave it first and proceed to my make-up. And by the time I finished my whole face, the soft lenses gradually feels more comfortable. But since that painful first use, the lenses feel pretty comfortable even though I use it all day long. It could feel kinda dry from time to time but it's bearable. 

Anyway, this soft lens undeniably make my eyes look much much bigger! And I've been using this for daily basis. It's comfortable enough in my opinion. I couldn't really say it is natural looking despite it blends really well with my eyes, because the size clearly stated the use of lenses. Haha xD

 Here's me playing with my huge eyes

And a selca :p

Sure. It is a nice and affordable soft lenses. Even though I don't really recommended for first time user to use circle lenses. But the lenses blend with the darker eyes so well. And it enlarges the pupil which makes the user looks cuter and fresher.

à bientôt!


  1. softlensnya bener-bener bikin mata baby eyes ya. Jadi wish list kita nih XD Thank you reviewnya :)

    1. Iyaaaa ! Suka banget sama result nya + affordable :)


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