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Keeping Up with: Stella Lee

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Hey everyone, how are you all doing? This is another special post that we have been talking about. In this "Keeping Up with" series you could read our interview with the blogger. In other name, this post is what people called featured blogger, but we kinda tired of the way too usual name so we twist it a bit. Hehe. Anyway, we post this not only because we want to share you about our inspiration, this special post might also help you to find other blogger whom might also inspired you. This is a win-win solution for everyone, right? Haha :D

Here's a little bit of the reason why we chose Stella Lee as our first featured in this post. Stella Lee is a beauty blogger who inspired us to make our own beauty blog. This sole reason is enough to answer why she is the first featured on our blog. She is one of our favorite beauty blogger. We respect and want to share about her to our fellow reader.

So without further ado, here's Stella Lee from Stella Lee's Blog!

1. Tell us about yourself.
Hi everyone, I am Stella Lee. I am a blogger on where I talk about beauty, fashion, my daily life, trips, and also my love toward Japan! I am from Indonesia, and currently 20 years old!

2. How did you get started on blogging and why?
At first I was introduced by my friends. Back then, I could hardly remember, probably 8 years ago? A lot of my friends owned blog to share about their daily life. I thought since it's fun, why didn't I do it too? So that's all hehe

3. What is your blog about?
At first i only blogged about my daily life. But as time goes on, I become more interested with beauty and fashion from Japan so I blogged more about it on my last blog. I kept changing blogs multiple times because I was bored. The last blog that I have, are more into beauty and fashion since it's what I am currently passionate about!

4. Who is your beauty inspiration?
Since I was teenager, I have been in love with Ayumi Hamasaki style! She can go from cute, sexy, rock, and such! I love her style a lot! 

5. What was your first beauty product obsession?
I think it's eyeliner? It's the first make up product that I used when I learned make up. Because it really changes my eyes, and gives it more definition. Although right now I am more into false eyelashes more hehe, the biggest part of my make up is my eye make up.

6. Aside from blogging, what are you currently busy and working at?
Well, I am still a student at an Art & Design Faculty in a Private University in Jakarta. So life's been busy by maintaining my blog as well as my study. I also have freelance job, but most of the time I've been busy with my blogging job. A lot of companies would like to collaborate with my blog for their projects so I am busy meeting with them and such. I can't say about those projects since it's still under progress, but I will announce it on my blog once they're ready!

7. Have you ever got harsh comment and how do you deal with it?
Instead of direct comment, I heard more about bad gossips about me. So many fake rumours going on until I almost cracked! My friends told me about it and they were very shocked since it's all untrue. I can't do anything about it, since you can't get everyone to love you. So what I do right now is just to let them be, let people who believe the bad rumours about me just believe what they want, as long as my readers and my closest friends believe in me, it's enough already.

I'd rather focus on my career, study, and projects. Because I know my goal is more important than dealing with haters.

8. Describe yourself in one word. 

This is the end of our interview. We want to thank Stella Lee who takes her time in busy schedule to answer our question. Having a respond from people you look up to is definitely a plus point in our confidence. We'll keep trying to make this blog better.

But for now, à bientôt!

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