Saturday, 13 July 2013

Friday Night Out: Day to Night Transformation

bonjour tout le monde! Allô!

Hey, how are you all doing? As we promised before, we are going to show you a new type of post. Behold, we present you, the Friday Night Out! In Friday Night Out, we will be showing a before and after the makeup transformation. Using makeup is accentuating what you have and cover some imperfections you don't want others to see. Using makeup doesn't necessarily mean you are not confident with your look. Because in our opinion, using makeup also need confidence. And in my case, using makeup make me feels good and thus boost up my confidence, which resulting me doing better job. This is the based reason why we want to show you this transformation. We will be posting Friday Night Out on the second week of the month. So stay tuned :D

Anyway, we brainstorm a lot of ideas, so expect to see more post and topic varieties! Is there any specific post you would we like to post? If so please comment below. We want this blog to be read by a lot of people and perhaps, might inspired them. That's why we work hard to improve our quality day by day.

So here is our first look. A day to night make-up transformation.

For the day look, we choose a light and soft color so it feels more subtle and give the innocent and sweet vibes. 



For the makeup to last long and apply easily, prime your face first. Using face primer could smooth the bumps in our face and fill in pores and fine lines. After that apply your favorite foundation or BB Cream.

The use of gradient from yellow orange to subtle red gives a really soft yet sweet look. This is a perfect color to use when you want to go out with friends in special occasions, shopping or having a work meeting. It automatically brighten up the face and keep yourself look young and romantic. Don't forget to apply white color eye shadow in the corner of your eyes to open up the eyes.

Keep the blush natural looking by applying a rosy color on the apple of your cheek. Feeling a little bit sassy? Curl up your lashes and apply generous coat of mascara. You still could rock out fake lashes if yours need a little bit of help. Oh, and don't forget to use a soft color lipstick to balance out your eye make-up :D

Need to go right away to the party today? Worry not fellow reader! All you need is to accentuated your eye makeup by using dramatic color. Just top of your day makeup by using dark brown and black eyeshadow at the outer corner of the eye and slightly blend it off. This darken up your look and automatically make your face look more mature. Finished of by a sexy wing dramatic eyeliner and a pair of fake lashes to enhance your eyes for a sexy touch. The easiest way to change your whole look is by changing your eyebrow shape. Noticed how dramatic eyebrow make the model look much more mature in the night look than her day makeup?


Applying make-up is all about balance. When you have a heavy eye makeup, keep the rest simple. This way, the overall face focus will be on the eyes. If you have a dramatic eye makeup and top it off with a striking color lips, it might be too overwhelming. And unless you're in fashion photo shoot or going to starred at a movie video, you might want to stay away with it.

Another way to make yourself look more mature is by using a red color lipstick. Red color lipstick is an everlasting and classic color. You could never go wrong with it.

à bientôt!

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