Thursday, 4 July 2013

Review Pac Matte Lipstick ML10 Baby Pink

Today I wanted to give my fellow readers from Indonesia some special treatment. Behold, the review of Pac Matte Lipstick! :p

Matte lipstick with a formula that is lightweight and very soft texture and contain moisturizer which is really smooth


Pac Matte Lipstick series has a really sleek and modern looking packaging. I love how they choose a black matte and use the silver as main point. The package is also sturdy so you won't have to worry about it falling off your make-up pouch :D


Please keep in mind that this is a matte lipstick, so there'll be no shine or glossy effect. Matte lipstick aims to make the lips look, well, matte. Dry, without any shine. Matte lipstick is especially great for people who has bigger and fuller lips since it won't make the lips even fuller.

It has a pretty creamy texture which is quite satisfying. The color is really subtle and sweet, perfect for daily use.


 Bare lips

 Pac Matte Lipstick in Baby Pink. A really subtle shade.

I apply Kosé Rose Enrich Lip Essence out of curiosity 
of how a matte lipstick would look like with glossy finish (if that even makes sense :p)

- Nice packaging
- Nice shade for daily use

- Drying

You could give it a try if matte lipstick is your thing. But for me, I won't purchase this product anymore. Not because I don't like the result, it just matte lipstick is not my cup of tea (remember how often I need to apply my lipbalm?). Anyway, it just nice to try a new thing once in a while. There's nothing exact about make-up. It might look really great on your friend but not to you. So my only suggestion is to try and try and try until you find your perfect match.

Good luck and you'll see me on the next post.

à bientôt!

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