Friday, 19 September 2014

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil


Hey how are you all doing? I've been dyeing my hair often lately and somewhere in the process, it gets damaged :( My hair is really in a bad shape now. Really dry and looks really unhealthy, it lost its shine. Things have to change obviously. So I try this Extraordinary Oil my friend has been recommending me.

A unique oil formula that transforms dry hair into silk.
The award winning ELVIVE Extraordinary oil is the perfect companion for ULTIMATE hair care, style and protection. Inspired by the extraordinary power of 6 rare flower oils, it provides incredible nourishment for all hair types and won't weight your hair down. Discover the versatility of hair oil and the many secrets of Extraordinary Oil.

I'm in love with the packaging. It was made with a glass-like material so I'm pretty sure something bad will happen if you drop the product. It is also pretty heavy so I don't recommend it for travelling, but perfect to use at home. It also comes with a pump so it's really easy to get the product out. Usually I use two to three pumps each time.

It's an oil so well, it's basically like your typical oil ahaha. I find it tend to weight down my hair if I apply on dry hair, but really works really well on my damp hair. The oil absorb quickly and doesn't leave it sticky. Plus it smells great.

I usually apply the product on my damp hair and believe it or not, but my actually dry quicker! I usually air-dry my hair (unless I'm in a hurry) so it's really great! It also really helps my hair to be less dry and looks healthier. Anyway this is a serum, so you could apply it after finish washing your hair.

- Nice packaging with pump applicator
- Pleasant scent
- Moisture the hair

- Not travel friendly.
- If apply on dry hair, it gets a little bit weight down.

Absolutely! You should try this amazing product. I also have recommended the product to my friend and she loves loves it. So I guess you guys could gee it a try. This product has been my daily essential.

à bientôt!

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