Thursday, 14 November 2013

Kosé Sekkisei Haul

Kosé, especially the Sekkisei line, has been my family favourite skincare brand. My grandma uses it, my mom uses it, so ultimately me and my sister also uses it. Well I understand why Kosé has been such a sweetheart for my family. Somehow it suits our skin condition well. And ever since I started using it (I've only using it when suddenly I'm aware of taking care my skin) I notice my face brighten drastically. My face feels so soft and supple! I'm in love ahaha.

So today I want to show some of the Kosé products which laying all over my vanity.

1.  Lotion and Mask.
The big blue bottle there is actually what we called a toner. I don't know why the Japanese called lotion, but yeah just for clarification. I always use it after I take the shower. Mine is the 360ml, they have the smaller one if you wanna try out.

2. Sun Protect Gel
It has SPF50 PA+++ so it's great. Back then I didn't care at all about sunscreen, but as I get more knowledge, I finally realised how terrifying UV Ray and UV B could be. I've been using this not only on my face, but also my body ahahaha.

3. Cream
Mainly I use this as the night cream because when I asked one mom gave me this. So I figured out it is a night cream. Turns out it could be use as a day cream too, it is light enough and doesn't feel sticky. So I've been using this twice a day.

4. Day Essence
SPF25 PA+. This is the newest product of my collection. I've only use it several times because I tend to forget. It is a really nice product because I feel that my skin absorb it quickly so it doesn't feel sticky at all. And though it has its own sun protection, I still layer it with the Sun Protect Gel. Well, better be safe than sorry right? Ahahaa.

5. White BB Cream
In case you confuse, the product is the one who lying in front of the other. This is the best BB Cream I ever use (so far). It has medium coverage though so you'll still need concealor. It has a matte finish. Feels really light on the skin. I don't understand why they name it White BB Cream when the product itself isn't white. Nor it ahs the white finish (okay I'm starting to ramble here).

So there, they are my main routine every single day. Love the product so much. Tell me if you want to see the full review of each product. I might do one in the future.

à bientôt!

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