Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Review Tony Moly Gold Black Sugar Mask


How you are all doing? Today I'm going to review about Tony Moly Gold Black Sugar Mask. I have no idea why the product picture is different from mine. I could only guess perhaps its the old design or what. Anyway, that's not important. I bought this product for idr 99. And actually, rather than a mask, I would prefer to call it a scrub. A heavy duty scrub. Let's get to the review.

Gold powder contained. Removes dead skin cells and skin waste. Makes skin soft and bright.


It comes in a sturdy brown plastic container. When you open the lid, there's another plastic lid which protect the product from leaking. Despite the product comes in a jar (which you probably know how much I hate product which comes in a jar because of hygiene stuffs), I really like the overall packaging.


The product is packed tightly inside the container. I weren't joking when I said it is a heavy duty scrub. It feels somewhat like a clay, a very sticky one. It has the scent of brown sugar (which I don't really like). Every bits of the product contains a lot of brown sugar. And it's much cheaper than the Skin Food one.


All for all, I really love this scrub. The brown sugar exfoliates the skin really well, thought I won't recommended it to sensitive skin fellow. After usage (I carefully scrub my face), I feel my face becomes really smooth and moisturize.

- Sturdy packaging
- Exfoliates really well
- Affordable
- Makes the skin really smooth

- Comes in a jar
- Might not work well for sensitive skin

Yes, yes! Like I said before, I really like this scrub. Not only it exfoliates all the dead skin, after usage I don't feel any irritation or tightness. Though I might warn people with sensitive skin because this scrub might perhaps a little bit too rough.


  1. Hi in terms of quality would you prefer this or the skinfood one?

    1. sorry for the very very late reply, for me (albert) i prefer the skinfood one, cause i think it smells better, and i think that one with a higher price usually comes with higher quality :)


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